High Pressure Cleaner » SOY WR


Stationary high pressure cleaning system, with the possibility to feed hot water up to 72°C (optional up to 82°C). 
As floor standing or wall mounted, stationary, for the supply of a single water line or a central water line with several tapping points, to operate with a lance.

With the series SOYWR a top class of high pressure cleaner has been created by us.
This means, that we use single components with the highest level of quality in manufacturing,
the best is us just good enough.

It means not for nothing, the CAT pump has 9 lives! Its advantage and benefit are obvious, because with the series SOYWR, you have a device for the individual continuous use with maximum reliability and extremely long operating life.

With its stainless steel design, this series is also particularly suitable for use in food processing plants.

Optional versions:

- 001 one detergent dosing pump metered directly
         into the water tank
- 002 one detergent pump via flow controller /
        remote control
- 003 Drive with remote control via rotary switch
- 004 Drive with remote control via pushbutton
- 005 Time relay for total shut down (adjustable)
- 006 Version for mini- SPS for the following
        protective functions:
       - Dry run protection
       - Pressure regulator is permanently monitored
         for functionality
       - Total shut down of SOYWR after 10 minutes
       - Self-shut down by interference of:
         Pressure regulator, flow controller, and by
         leaky pressure system


  • Clear and easy
  • Stationary high pressure cleaning system for floor or wall mounting


  • Easy access to all components


  • Frame out of stainless steel


  • Slow running CAT pump with 3 ceramic plungers
  • Industrial motor 100% S1


  • Compact construction
  • Miscellaneous industrial accessories
  • Big dimensioned water feed line tank
  • Time delayed pressure free automatic switch - off
  • Possible to connect several drop points
  • Pump and motor separated through coupling device 
max. operating pressure [bar]1751202x 1752x 120
max. flow rate [l/h]100013802x 10002x 1380
power [kW]6,6 kW6,6 kW2x6,6 kW2x6,6 kW
voltage [V/Hz]3 ~ 400 V / 50 Hz3 ~ 400 V / 50 Hz2x 3 ~ 400 V / 50 Hz2x 3 ~ 400 V / 50 Hz
max. water supply temperature [°C]72727272
high pressure pumpCAT-plunger pump with 3 ceramic plungersCAT-plunger pump with 3 ceramic plungersCAT-plunger pump with 3 ceramic plungersCAT-plunger pump with 3 ceramic plungers
rotation [rpm]1420142014201420
measurement (lxwxh) [mm]740x400x740740x400x740740x450x1160740x450x1160
weight [kg]7070126126
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