Hot water without CO² emission in high-pressure technology

Hot water without CO² emission in high-pressure technology

Weidner Reinigungssysteme has been manufacturing professional electrically heated high-pressure systems for more than 40 years.

In order to contribute to our part of the upcoming change, to save natural resources as well as a climate-friendly environment, we are continuously developing the stationary electrically heated high-pressure cleaners of the SOYCE series.

In addition to a closed stainless steel housing as standard, the series also has a fully insulated stainless steel water tank with 120 litres of water capacity. The entire device is sensor-monitored. In addition to a lack of water, overtemperature, sensor monitoring, all heaters and motors are fused separately. The high-pressure system is controlled via a 3.5" touch display.

The standard high-pressure cleaners can be equipped with up to 54 kW heating power.

The options are almost unlimited. It is possible to increase the water temperature from 70°C to 80°C with higher heating power or to switch from warm water to cold water. A detergent dosing pump can also be fully integrated into the system. Depending on where the unit is to be used, it can be operated on a larger touch display or even by smartphone or remote control. Should you require a version for operation with aggressive media such as deionised water, we will be happy to implement it for you.

The SOYCE series also includes the unique tank interior cleaning software. This allows IBC cleaning, tank interior cleaning and container cleaning to be carried out without great effort. In addition to all these options, we also offer customized cleaning systems specially adjusted to your needs.

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