Close loop cleaning system for latex, dispersion and resin

Since more than 45 years Weidner Reinigungssysteme is a specialist for all cleaning tasks around tank interior cleaning, container cleaning and IBC cleaning.

The close loop cleaning system, which we have developed ourselves over the years, is a mature and proven product and therefore almost all road tank trucks and 20'-30' tank container can be cleaned.

This cleaning system is perfect for cleaning tanks with contaminations like latex, acroonal, primal, plextol, butafon, diofan, poligen, styrofan, mowwilith, vinnapas, epoxy resin and rubber.

Even if these contaminations are older or even dried up, no manual cleaning is necessary. 
A sophisticated filter system enables to use the specially adapted cleaning detergent several times and this saves cleaning costs and is protecting the environment.

For the perfect cleaning result, the cleaning emulsion in the storage tank of the close loop cleaning system, which is made out of 1.4571 stainless steel, is heated by a very gentle tank-in-tank system. This increases the service life of the cleaning detergent considerably compared to other heat exchanger systems. 

Whether with electric, hot water or steam heating through the very modern control system with 5.7“ touch screen, complete cleaning programs are running fully automatic, thereby the optimal temperature for cleaning is exactly maintained.

By a pump, the cleaning emulsion is pumped through the tank cleaning head into the tank container or into the road tank truck. There the cleaning emulsion develops its full effect and dissolves the contamination from the tank wall. Afterwards the cleaning emulsion flows back into the close loop cleaning system together with the remaining products.

Remaining products are filtered out, the cleaning emulsion is heated and pumped back into the tank which is to be cleaned.

We use the most modern cleaning detergent in circulation, which only dissolve the product to be cleaned as long as it is in contact with the metal on the tank wall.

As soon as the product has dissolved from the tank wall, the remaining products are no longer dissolved by the cleaning detergent, the chemical reaction is stopped. Therefore the cleaning detergent has a very long service life.

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