Plant Engineering » Cleaning systems for special cleaning tasks according to customer requirement


Cleaning systems for special cleaning tasks according to  customer`s specification.
We plan, develop and manufacture your high pressure cleaning system or special cleaning equipment for your special cleaning tasks. Of course we manufacture also cleaning systems according to customer`s request. In this special cleaning equipments sector we have far in excess 40 years of experience.

These special applications are used worldwide in all  sectors in tough continuous operations:

Foodstuff-, chemical-, pharmaceutical-, packaging-, automotive-, and steel industries, as well as mining-, marine-, aviation-, logistics-, healthcare-, service providers-, municipalities-, and military.


  • Simply clear functional equipment construction
  • Directly controlled at the cleaning device via remote control or at the operation monitor, menu guide in cleartext, simple and understandable
  • Fully automatic cleaning sequences depending at the cleaning task


  • High quality high pressure pumps
  • High quality materials for plungers and seals
  • Slow running high pressure pumps
  • Exact adjusted power to the cleaning task


  • Industrial, robust and powerful
  • Simply solid compact construction according to German quality
  • Equipment are made completely in stainless steel A2 and A4, also for VE water
  • Equipment designed for hard permanent operation as well as for multishift operation
  • Control of the bypass flow automatically function control of the pressure regulation system


  • Various hp-pump system depending at the application case
  • Working pressure adjustable via the high pressure nozzles
  • Volume flow, working pressure via frequency converter infinitely adjustable
  • Industrial motor 100 % S1


  • Economically operation of the cleaning device
  • Pressure and water volume are optimum adapted at the cleaning task
  • CPU control with automatic program operating sequence warrants an optimum cleaning application
  • Cleaning jobs can be visually indicated via monitor

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