Plant Engineering » Tank cleaning by close loop system


Tank interior cleaning equipment for tank and container cleaning in close loop system. Cleaning of hard-to clean materials like:

Latex, Acronal, Primal, and much more, means  „long“ cleaning time. Hier besteht die Aufgabe in Ressourcen schützen und Reinigungsprozesse zu automatisieren.

WEIDNER Tank interior cleaning by close loop system is designed exactly for this hard operation, developed and built. The safety of the operator is our top priority. No entry into the tank is more needed and after the expiration of its  freely adjustable cleaning time the system switches off and ensures you a high profit while protecting the environment.



  • Clearly control panel
  • Full automatic cleaning procedure
  • Hour meter for the actual cleaning time reset table to „0“
  • Hour meter for the total operating hours


  • Easy access to all components
  • Low maintenance, minimum service required
  • All filter meshes and filter baskets can be manually taken out


  • Frame made out of square pipe stainless steel 1.4571  A4
  • Tank made of stainless steel 1.4571 A4
  • Filter mesh, filter bascet made of stainless steel 1.4571 A4
  • Cetrifugal type pump made of stainless steel 1.4571  A4


  • Operation up to 2 cleaning head, simultaneously, possible
  • With one tank cleaning head for 20’ / 30’ container
  • With additional equipment, cleaning of rail wagon container possible


  • Compact construction
  • Easy and solid assembly
  • Robust in handling and operation
  • Multi use of the detergent
  • Low discharge costs due to multi use of the detergent
  • For example materials like some Latex types do not become dissolved, but become loosening in pieces from the tank internal area and get separately disposed

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